I'm writing short pieces about memorials, monuments and other places I visit in the course of the trip. It's all part of my grand effort to convince some travel outfit to hire me on at an exorbitant salary!

By State

New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce Statue - Concord


Eisenhower Statue - Alexandria  

Gerald R. Ford House - Alexandria

Washington, DC area

Eisenhower Statue - Alexandria, Va 

Gerald R. Ford House - Alexandria

James Buchanan Memorial - possibly the most inexplicable memorial of the bunch.

Jefferson Memorial - no, the statue does not snap at you when you visit like it did on "The Simpsons."

Library of Congress Madison Building -  with a great statue of the Father of the Constitution.

The Petersen House - aka the House Where Lincoln Died

Theodore Roosevelt Island - an island full of hiking trails that TR would have loved, and a name that should have ended up in a great horror movie, "Escape from Theodore Roosevelt Island."

Ulysses S Grant Memorial - on the National Mall, just west of the US Capitol grounds. Strong stuff. 

Washington National Cathedral - where Woodrow Wilson is buried


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